Our eating habits are changing. At home, at work and especially out and about, people expect more from their food.
Street food is becoming more popular in the UK, many of us have travelled and found that in a lot of other countries, particularly in Asia, street food is often considerably better than restaurant food. It is now becoming part of the cultural fabric of our country.
Tatner’s Catering & Events is headed up by acclaimed award-winning chef Kyle Tatner. Kyle’s desire is to provide delicious, high-quality food available at a fraction of the expense of restaurant dining,  and challenge your perceptions of what tasty, quality, affordable food really can be.

If you browse through our pages you will see that we cater for any event, be it small private gatherings, parties, pop-ups, corporate functions, festivals or your special wedding day. Furthermore, we have our wonderful  Tatner’s Kitchen street food establishment based  at Broomhill Sands near Camber in East Sussex and open throughout the year.

If you have any questions or would like to know how we can enhance your eating pleasure please don’t hesitate to call or email us on the contact details above. Tatner’s is the ultimate in quality street food..as we say…It’s the way forward.

Pop up evening

The food was amazing…love the street style… It’s the way forward!

Mark Baker